SEO (Off-Page Optimisation)

How to increase your website rankings.

Over the years, Google have made many changes to the way they rank modern day websites. Gone are the days when an SEO expert could create the correct on-page optimisation by positioning the right amount of keywords on the pages. There is now a lot more expectation on the website owner to influence the positioning of their website.


A backlink is where your website domain name and website link appears in another website.Creating backlinks has always been a great source for off page optimisation and previously it was possible to purchase these in bulk to increase your number of backlinks. However, this has all changed and previous methods could now cause your website to drop down the search ranking list.The correct procedure for creating backlinks nowadays is to have your website domain name and link on other popular websites that are related to you industry.


Set up a Business Link on a website like but ensure that there is a category related to your industry i.e. Web Design.

When Google sends out its search robots, it is first of all looking for the keywords that a potential client is searching for, it ten looks to make sure that the content is relevant and then how popular that website is. If the robots notice that your website is also mentioned on a popular website, it gives you an edge over competitors that do not use this method. The more of these links that you can build the better your chances of climbing up the search engines.


Another good option is to register to forums that again are relative to your industry. You can respond to posts or even start your own topic but make sure you leave your domain name and link available to drive traffic to your website.

Social Media

Having a presence on Social Media websites is not as popular nowadays but many websites that do not have social links are less likely to show up in Searches.

Just adding a post on your Social Media platform will not really give you an edge when it comes to off-page optimisation. Google will be looking for the number of mentions that you get. Ensure that your posts are unique and interesting to encourage users to mention or share your posts.

Remember that the above does not help unless your SEO expert has ensured that your on-page optimisation is set up correctly.

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A Good Web Design

A good web design is not just about pretty colours, groovy graphics and knocking out code with software like Dreamweaver. The look and feel is important but you need to generate traffic and more importantly turn those visitors into clients.