HTML Style Websites

HTML Style Websites

Websites built purly with HTML Coding are no longer the most popular since the introduction of Content Management Systems but a basic 5 page HTML Style Website is still an ideal choice for any company looking for a low cost way to get there business on the internet.

Although the designs are fairly basic, without any bells or whistles, they are an ideal way to represent an online brochure promoting your business or services to an online market.

Without the benefit of a content management system, any of the websites content will need to be updated by someone with the correct software and a good understanding on how to use HTML coding.

This would mean having to pay someone who not only is experienced in the HTML language code but also has the latest software for any maintenance requirements you may need in the future.

A well-made brochure style website has the potential to be a cost effective way to promote your business on the internet. The designs are fast loading, mobile friendly and can be optimised for search engines.

HTML websites can look just as appealing as a website using the more advanced technologies. It is easy to be swayed by the desire to be 'up with the times'. However, getting yourself a well-made HTML website may be a wiser and more progressive decision for your business than getting a high-tech website.

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