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Secrets for the best websites and how to attract clients.

There can be many reasons why you may decide that it is the right time to have a website for your business. When I ask most clients, they say:

  • To Increase my visibility to potential clients.
  • To promote my products or services.
  • Provide a place that clients can find out about my company.

All very good reasons but to succeed, they all come down to one basic fact, they want to increase their share of the market and in turn increase profitability.

Just having a great looking website design does not mean that you will instantly achieve your goals.

A good website designer will not only understand how to achieve the look and feel that you want, but will also carry the knowledge of how to get the best out of your website.

Think about the number of websites that are available to potential new clients, particularly in your market arena, some of them may look tired and out of date, others may look fantastic but ultimately, which ones get the best ranking position on Google

How often have you gone to a website that take ages to load or the images slowly appear from top to bottom, you are more likely to leave that website and find another that suits your requirements.

These website designs will also struggle to get a good search ranking position as one of the most important factors for Google is the speed that the page loads. It may look quick to the eye but in reality, we are talking milliseconds that can make a large difference.

Large, high quality images and fancy widgets placed in the top of a web page are just some of the mistakes that many people are not aware of.

Content of any website design is also key to your success. Ensure that you write unique, quality content that your customers will understand. Do not just write about how good your company is as they will not know this unless they have used you in the past.

When potential clients are searching it is because they are looking for a simple answer to their needs so think about the questions, they may ask you in person and provide this on your website.
When potential clients are searching it is because they are looking for a simple answer to their needs.


Web Designer in High Wycombe



We offer a full range of affordable products to suit all budgets and businesses across High Wycombe from basic Landing Pages to full CMS and E-Commerce solutions.



Why have a great looking website if clients are unable to find you. By optimising your website, new clients searching for products or services will find your company.



We provide a Professional and affordable graphic design service, including logo design. All of our designs are print ready to pass onto your printer or online print supplier.


Our Proccess


Client Meeting

An initial meeting to discuss your ideas in full so that we fully understand your requirements.

Concept Design

We will provide you with a graphical representation of the proposed design to ensure your happy.

Build Website

We will commence building the website on our own server giving you password access to view.

Question & Answers

Do you provide Hosting & Domain Names?
We always advise our clients to set up their own hosting account so that they are the legal owners of the domain name. Some designers will offer this service but you may not actually own the account which could cause you issues in the future. We are more than happy to set up an account in your name leaving you to authorise the payment.