Website Landing Pages


A simple landing page would be the ideal solution for any small company on a limited budget.

The basic definition of a landing page is a dedicated page on a website that you land on directly from an external source such as paid advertising or email campaign.

Website Landing Pages


A stand alone web page specifically used if you require a marketing or advertising campaign.

  • Lead Generation
  • Click Through Page
  • Product Marketing
  • E-Mail Campaigns

A landing page would be like an online version of a direct marketing or product introduction letter, with the aim focused on one specific outcome known as a call to action. The main aim of a landing page is to create a pre-determined action from the potential client to react to your specific message by way of either a contact form, newsletter registration or a purchase of goods or services.

The designs can include content and images as well as a contact form or call to action. It can also use external links to other websites which is useful if you are looking for clients to download an app or catalogue.

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