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Online Website Builders

Online Website Builders


Online Website Builders – Are they good or bad for your business?

We have started to see many TV adverts regarding the use of Online Website Builders like Squarespace, Go Daddy etc., but the big question is this – are they good or bad for your business?

Quite simply the answer depends on what you would like to achieve for your business.

If you just want an online presence with text and images about your business then this may be an option for you providing you are happy not to appear in search engines and rely purely on giving potential clients your domain name to find your website.

However, if you want a website that will be found on search engines when potential new clients search for a service or product that you provide this could well be a very bad option.

Here is why……When you decide to pay a professional Web Designer to build a website for your business, they should not only listen to the look and style that you wish to use, but they will also think about the usability and more importantly the Search Engine Ranking factors that are required to be found in a prominent position on Search Engines like Google.

The old thinking of just having the required keyword in the content of your website will not get you a high ranking position. There are in fact 258 requirements just for using of one keyword for search purposes. The text style, the keyword density and positioning within the content are just some of the important requirements. This is just the keyword optimisation, you also need to have a full understanding of the many, often changing rank signals that are required for a top ranking position. These you will not know unless you have many years and experience of fully optimising websites.

By the time you consider the cost to use an online website builder against using a professional designer does not have to be that different.

For Example:

Squarespace charge £13.00 per month for a business website – this equates to £624.00 over a typical lifetime of a website (4 Years). Many of the online builders include the cost of the hosting account and a domain name, however, check the small print as you may not be the true owner of the domain name or the hosting account. This is how the companies tie you into long term contracts knowing that if you one day wished to move to a better quality website you will not be able to use the same domain name – as you will not own it. You would need to cancel the domain name, wait months for it to go back on sale and then re-purchase it along with a new hosting account.

Our Business websites, designed to suit your business costs a total of £500.00 already saving you £124.00 over a 4 year period. You would need your own Domain Name and hosting account that would cost on average £320.00 over a 4 year period.

So the difference in cost to use a professional web designer as opposed to using an online web builder is an extra £225.00 over a 4 year period (That’s only £49.00 a year extra).

A small price to pay to ensure that your website is totally Search Engine Friendly and will be found by potential new clients. Also your website will be unique to you as opposed to choosing from a few templates that many other companies can also use. You will own the domain name and hosting account for as long as you wish, even if you later upgrade your website, you will have no fear of losing your domain name that you may have used for years.

Also a very small price to get an expert professional on your side to ensure that your online business succeeds.