How do I show my business details on the right hand side of search pages?

How can I appear on the Google map on search Pages?

These elements are are all controlled by using Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Maps
Google My Business

With Google being the most used search engine, they love it when websites make use of their own products, and many of them are free to use.

By using these tools correctly, not only can you increase your presence on search engines, but also gain an insight as to how potential clients are using your website.

Google Search Indexing

This tool ensures that your website can be correctly indexed on the Google Search Engine.

Google My Business

This it what to use if you would like your company details to appear on the right hand side.

Google Analytics

Keep a track of the number of visitors that visit your website and from which locations.

Google Ads

This is the paid for advertising service from Google that would place you at the top of pages.

Ever wondered why your business is not showing up on search engine maps where your competition is visible, why some companies have a large box on the right-hand side of the search results advertising their business. These are all free featured offered by Google.

Other tools include adding sitemaps that will help Google index your website correctly, placing your business on Google Maps and Google Analytics to help you discover the number of visitors to your website and how they interact with your website pages.

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Why Choose Us

Unlike some SEO companies, we are unable to guarantee that you will get a number 1 search engine position. There are many factors that can make a difference that is out of our hands for example, the age of the website, quality backlinks, mentions of social media platforms and even the capabilities of the hosting company that you choose to use.

We do not tie you into a monthly SEO contract as your website may be performing well and not in need of any updates. At some point you may find that your ranking position starts to slip down, at this point we can re-run the SEO audit reports to see what may have changed and then make the necessary updates and just charge you for the work that is required.

Yes, you can update your website content but this could cause the keyword density to differ should you alter any of the wording on the page. Also, if you add or replace any images you would also cause minor SEO issues if you have not added the correct image alt tag. It would be worth asking for another SEO audit report to see if any updates are required.