Full Website Audit


Let’s face it, you would expect more visitors to enjoy a visit to your home or office if it is kept clean and tidy, it’s no difference when it comes to your website.

Google set the requirement that are required to enable a website to rank high in search engines. These requirements can also change on a regular basis so it is important to have regular SEO Audit checks to maintain your position.

Look at SEO as like having your “5 A Day”, there may be some elements that you do not like but if you want to be healthy, you must accept it.

On-Page Optimisation Audit

Checking the entire content on a website to ensure it meets Google Requirements.

Off-Page Optimisation Audit

This audit will check that all of the technical functions of your website are working correctly.

Page Loading Speed

A slow loading website will put potential clients off who may look for an alternative.

Crawlability & Indexing

Ensuring that Google are able to find your website and list the pages on the search engine.

There are many factors that could prevent your website ranking, one of the most common errors is having both a www. and a non www. version of your website. This is very common, but Google will penalise any websites that appears to have duplicated content and will assume that both versions are different websites with the same content.

Other common errors include pages that do not have a page description or meta descriptions. Images that do not have any ALT Tags. It can also make a difference if you’re using the incorrect amount of content for the above.

Other factors include the indexing and crawlability of your website, encoding and technical factors, broken links, use of URLs, and on page SEO factors.

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