Quality Backlinks


In simple terms, a quality backlink is where your own website domain name appears on another independent website that is not only relevant to your industry, but also gets a large number of visitors.

Many years ago it was not so important how many backlinks you had or which websites they were positioned on. You could even buy a bulk load of backlinks without any idea of which websites they be appearing on. Nowadays, it is more about the quality of the backlinks as opposed to how many but the more quality links you have, the better.

Free Index

Business Directories

Look for any local business directories and add your business to the directory.

Associated Business Blogs

Take time to respond to blog articles related to your business or industry.

Social Media Posts

Mentions on social media will greatly help you gain a better search position.

Links on Blogs

Ensure that a link to your website is used when responding to articles.

Although this is an essential part of good optimisation, it is not a service that we provide as it is an ongoing task and the amount of time it would take would amount to a high cost for something that every business should be able to spend 10 minutes a week updating.

A good start to building quality backlinks is to search for business directories that include a category suited to your own business.

Many of the web directories offer a free listing, others may charge or ask for a reciprocal link on your website.

Get involved with using social media and join relevant online blogs where you can link back to your website.

Bear in mind that on Social Media it is the number of “Mentions” that will make the difference so just posting and article or image will not improve your ranking position.