Page Loading Speed


How often have you tried to view a website but after a minute the page has still not appeared so you give up and look for an alternative website.

How often have you visited a website only to find that the image on the page, slowly starts to crawl into view, or you click to watch a video and all you get is the constant spinning of an icon?

As user experience becomes more of an essential requirement to get a top search engine position on Google, the speed at which your website loads, both on a PC and a Mobile Device can greatly enhance your ranking position.

This can often be subject to the hosting server that you are using as some hosting companies offer greater speeds than others.

Image Compression

Images that are not correctly sized and un-compressed will greatly slow down your website.

CSS & Javascript Issues

Many hidden files to operate your website may be trying to load before the page content.

Poor Page Layout

Your website layout may be incorrected and trying to load too much of the page detail at once.

Poor Hosting Service

Using a cheap hosting company may not offer the best requirement for running your site.

Many of the other reasons that your website may be too slow could include using high resolution images that take a while to load. By having these images compressed would greatly increase your page loading speed.

Other areas that could be slowing your website down can include poor compression of HTML and Java Script files, Render Blocking Scripts and Lever Browser Caching.

Correct use of the page layout and content, along with any additional plugins, can greatly improve your website loading speed and help to increase your search engine ranking position.